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Terms and Conditions

Global Market Sales Limited, a company incorporated under the laws of England and Wales [11286011]


1. Definitions and Interpretation

1.1 Headings in these terms are for ease of use and do not form part of the terms nor effect their interpretation.

1.2 In these terms reference to the masculine, feminine and all neuter genders includes all other genders and reference to the
singular include the plural and vice versa.

1.3 These terms are to be governed by English Law.

1.4 In these terms the follow expressions have the following meanings:- “Global Market Sales Limited” means Global Market Sales Limited, a
company incorporated under the laws of England and Wales [11286011] Global Market Sales Limited Suite 12 Floor 8 St James
House, Pendleton Way, Salford, England, M6 5FW.

2. Global Market Sales Limited Responsibilities

2.1 Global Market Sales Limited will provide web consultancy services and/or marketing using reasonable care and skill at all times.

3. Pricing and payment terms

3.1 Global Market Sales Limited will provide the Services at the prevailing hourly rates from time to time and/or for the monthly fee or
such combination of the two.

3.2 Global Market Sales Limited may vary its charge-out rate at any time by prior written notice to you.

3.3 All hourly rates and prices quoted are exclusive of any VAT which is payable in addition.

3.4 Global Market Sales Limited will charge a setup fee for all websites with a monthly fee for hosting. Should a marketing agreement
be entered into with Global Market Sales Limited, the monthly fee will be wavered.

3.5 Marketing agreements will renew on a monthly basis until the end of the agreed terms or the account is terminated after the
initial trial period.

3.6 Global Market Sales Limited may agree to provide a free online presence in the form of a one page basic website to clients who
agree to a marketing package. Content and a specified number of images may also be added to the site. A setup fee of £10 +
VAT will apply but no other charges. Hosting will be provided as part of this service.

3.7 The free online presence will continue as long as the marketing services are continued. Should the agreement be cancelled
at any time, the online presence will be removed from the internet. If you wish to maintain only the online presence and not the
marketing, this can be done inclusive of hosting fees from £10 + VAT per month.

3.8 Global Market Sales Limited will host purchased websites if the client requires us to do so at no additional charge. In doing so,
Global Market Sales Limited will provide a reliable and professional service to the client at all times, excluding unavoidable technical

3.9 Services undertaken Global Market Sales Limited maybe invoiced at any time after Global Market Sales Limited has been engaged as
agreed by you and Global Market Sales Limited.

3.10 Any additional expenses to be incurred by Global Market Sales Limited on behalf of you as described in the Project
Specifications will be invoiced in advance of such expenses being incurred by Global Market Sales Limited with payment due prior to
such incursion.

3.11 Payment for Services rendered by Global Market Sales Limited is always due on assignment.

3.12 Payments made to Global Market Sales Limited are via direct debit (if available on your campaign) or credit / debit card.

3.13 Global Market Sales Limited accept MasterCard and VISA credit / debit cards. Visa Electron, Maestro, JCB and Diners cards
may also be used.

3.14 If a client’s registered address is non UK, authorisation may be required from the card holding bank. Some of the above
cards may not be available to use for non UK clients.

3.18 Global Market Sales Limited reserves the right to suspend its services at any time should any monies due to Global Market Sales Limited remain unpaid and Global Market Sales Limited will not accept responsibility for any loss arising from delay caused by such
suspension. In this instance, your marketing will automatically be paused yet normal monthly costs will be charged / accrued.

3.19 If payment is not made by the due date, Global Market Sales Limited reserves the right to charge interest from the date of invoice
until the date of actual payment at the rate of 8% above the base rate for the time being of the Bank of England.

3.20 Global Market Sales Limited endeavour to investigate any malpractice or mis-selling issues. However, should the investigation
prove no wrongdoing by Global Market Sales Limited, an administration fee of £50 + VAT will be applied to the client’s billing account.

3.21 All monies due to Global Market Sales Limited must be paid in pounds sterling.

3.22 You have no right of setoff, deduction or counterclaim in respect of any monies owing to Global Market Sales Limited.

3.23 Global Market Sales Limited agree to process a refund only on the basis if a material breach on our part is made.

4. Time for Performance

4.1 Unless expressly agreed to the contrary, time is not of the essence in relation to any contract that is subject to these terms.
Where time is made of the essence and the responsibilities of Global Market Sales Limited involve dependence upon you taking
certain actions, if you do not take those actions within a reasonable time in the circumstances, the period of delay will be added
to any period for performance by Global Market Sales Limited.

4.2 If a marketing campaign has been agreed, this will in general be live within a 48 working hour period. Should you have
requested a delay to the start of your campaign, the marketing will not be live within 48 working hours and will revert to the
agreed schedule on assignment.

4.3 An account can be paused on request, however in order to apply this, your account must have no arrears. Any accounts
under a paused status can only be done so for a maximum of 100 days. Upon request of the pause, a re-instatement date must
be provided. Should you fail to do so, Global Market Sales Limited possess the right to automatically restart the marketing after the
100 days period.

4.4 In the event of a live date falling on a non-working day, the date will be changed to the next available working day.

5. Confidentiality

5.1 By the very nature of service provided to you by Global Market Sales Limited, Global Market Sales Limited will frequently come across
confidential information relating to your business and its’ suppliers, clients or customers. Global Market Sales Limited therefore agrees
to keep all information that may come to its’ attention in relation to your business and its’ suppliers, customers and clients
strictly confidential at all times during and after the provision of any services to you for a period of up to five years or such
periods as you may be bound to maintain information confidential.

5.2 Clause 5.1 will not apply to any information that is in the public domain otherwise than through breach of clause 5.1 by
Global Market Sales Limited.

5.3 Where Global Market Sales Limited assigns or delegates any responsibilities to you to a third party, Global Market Sales Limited will
ensure that third party agrees to observe these terms and in particular the provisions of clause 5.1.

5.4 Global Market Sales Limited uses certain proprietary documents during the course of its relationship with its clients. Such
documents will be notified to you as they are used and will be given the same confidential treatment as we give your
confidential information.

6. Termination

Global Market Sales Limited believes in helping its customers as far as possible, and has therefore a liberal cancellation policy.

6.1 Cancellations will be considered only if the request is made within 72 hours of placing an order. However, the cancellation
request will not be entertained if the execution process has started basis to the order. There is no cancellation of orders placed
under the Same Day Delivery category.

6.2 If you do not wish to carry on with such campaign after the initial agreement, Global Market Sales Limited should be advised as
soon as possible.

6.3 Any contract may be terminated for the services of Global Market Sales Limited governed by these terms at any time upon email

6.4 Any accounts notice periods falling within the trial period can be cancelled with immediate effect. After the trial period, a five
day notice is required.

6.5 Termination of any agreement must be done by sending confirmation to the office by email found on our contact page. In
case you feel that the product/service received is not as per the scope of the project defined by you or as was mutually agreed
upon, you must bring it to the notice of our customer service within 24 hours of receiving the product. The Customer Service
Team after looking into your complaint will take an appropriate action.

6.6 All notice periods commence upon receipt of email notice being received at the office address.

6.8 Any discounts agreed will become payable in full in the event of early termination of this agreement.

6.9 Global Market Sales Limited provides certain services on an annual basis and terminating these services early does not entitle you
to a full or partial refund. Global Market Sales Limited does not accept cancellation requests unless the customer establishes that the
quality of product/service delivered is not at par to the standards of requirements that was communicated or agreed upon.

7. Exemptions and Exclusions

7.1 Where you buy goods and services other than through Global Market Sales Limited but on recommendation by Global Market Sales Limited, Global Market Sales Limited may render assistance to you in the event of a dispute relating to such goods and services but your
rights are governed strictly by the terms of that third party.

7.2 Where you buy goods and service through Global Market Sales Limited (with Global Market Sales Limited acting as your agent) and such
goods and/or services require the payment of ongoing renewal fees, it will be your obligation to ensure that such fees are kept
up to date. The legal relationship is governed strictly by the terms of that third party, and it is on these terms that you will be
bound. Global Market Sales Limited accepts no liability for any loss caused by error on your part.

7.3 Any statutory implied warranties are excluded to the full extent permitted by law.

7.4 Neither you nor Global Market Sales Limited are responsible for any losses arising through a cause which is beyond the
reasonable control of the relevant party. Both you and Global Market Sales Limited agree that you will use all reasonable efforts to
remedy any such matter and to resume for performance of these terms at the earliest reasonable opportunity.

7.5 Global Market Sales Limited always tries to accommodate a client’s urgent needs but cannot guarantee availability or any
additional business at any particular time or with any particular period.

7.6 Global Market Sales Limited may terminate an agreement at any time if: a) the customer’s website contains any material which is
illegal, pornographic, racially abusive or is likely to cause offence or to damage the reputation of Global Market Sales Limited; b) the
customer commits any material breach of an agreement; c) the customer enters into liquidation whether compulsory or
voluntary, has a receiver or administrator appointed, enters into any arrangement with its creditors or ceases or threatens to
cease to trade.

7.7 Global Market Sales Limited will not accept responsibility for any incorrect email addresses being provided. Due to various issues
such as spam filters etc, we cannot be responsible for clients not receiving any reports, emails etc for Global Market Sales Limited. It
is the responsibility of the client to inform us in any instance of their report not being received before the renewal date of their
account within 48 hours.

7.8 In the event of suspected click fraud and / or unusually high traffic of a marketing campaign, Global Market Sales Limited reserve
the right to pause and review such accounts. We cannot be held responsible for such incidents as they are out of our control.
We rarely have downtime of more than 72 hours. Global Market Sales Limited employ a fair use policy.

7.9 Global Market Sales Limited will not accept responsibility for any misrepresentation made by it unless it is confirmed in writing
(save for fraudulent misrepresentations) to the maximum extent permitted by law. Global Market Sales Limited will not accept
responsibility for any indirect or consequential losses arising from either breach of these terms or from any other legal duty to
you. In particular but not by way of limitation on this exclusion, Global Market Sales Limited will not accept any responsibility for losses
arising from your failure to take a full backup of your system at least every seven days (and differential updates at least daily)
and to store at least one backup copy off-site. You are strongly advised therefore to make arrangements for us to ensure that
you protect yourself adequately in this regard and to maintain fully licensed virus-check up throughout your system.

7.10 Upon assignment of a website, content is provided by you and you acknowledge full responsibility for all content on your
site, however created, and all more generally all content approved by you (whether produced by us or otherwise). It is your
obligation to ensure that all use of the media solutions provided is legal and remains so throughout operation. Global Market Sales Limited accepts no liability for any content either on your site or approved by you through the normal procedures agreed by us. You
accept all liability arising from third party claims relating to content covered by this section and indemnify Global Market Sales Limited
to the maximum extent possible for any costs, damages and losses suffered as a result of any breach of this obligation. We
reserve the right to take down any content where we have reason to believe content contravenes the law or a third party’s

7.11 In the event of content not being received within a seven day period, Global Market Sales Limited reserves the right to build an
auxiliary website in lieu of content forthcoming. Should a marketing agreement also be in place, this will also be placed live on
completion of such site. Any content used which you would like to change, can be requested in writing as soon as possible for
the site to be updated.

7.12 To ensure superior levels of reliability and performance, all our clients websites are hosted on a high speed, state of the
art managed dedicated server which utilises a guaranteed minimum uptime service availability of 99.95%.

7.13 Whilst Global Market Sales Limited makes every effort to provide maximum uptime, no guarantees can be made as to the
availability or interruption of hosting.

7.14 All key phrases purchased by you against our marketing packages are subject to availability. Should a key phrase not be
available as part of the chosen package, you will either be offered an alternative phrase where you will be invited to suggest
other key phrases, or if a specific key phrases is required, Global Market Sales Limited agree to provide a competitive quote.

7.15 Global Market Sales Limited endeavour to ensure continuation of service at all times however, Global Market Sales Limited shall not in
any event be held liable for interruptions of service or down time of the server and / or marketing.

8. Refund Policy

Full refund will be made if you cancel our services within 72 hours of making the payment. If you choose to terminate our
services after the initial 72 hours then you will be charged an amount equivalent to the working hours put into the project. The
balance will be credited to the account from which you made payment within 14 days of cancellation. Cancellation of any
service renewal should be done 5 days prior to the start of next billing cycle. If cancellations are made after the start of the
billing cycle then an amount equivalent to the working hours put into the project during that month will be liable, which the
clients will be entitled to pay.

If you signed up for our services, but did not make use of them then you are still entitled to pay us.

9. General Provisions

9.1 These terms may only be varied in writing by Global Market Sales Limited and any other purported variation would not be

9.2 If you constitute more than one “legal person”, each of you is jointly and severally liable to Global Market Sales Limited under
these terms.

9.3 In signing these terms and conditions you understand the account will renew each month until Global Market Sales Limited are advised otherwise.

9.4 In relation to the unpaid invoices of Global Market Sales Limited all such disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of
English Courts of Law.

9.5 In relation to other disputes under these terms, if Global Market Sales Limited and you cannot resolve any dispute between
themselves within a reasonable time (not to exceed 5 days from the date of notice of the dispute), Global Market Sales Limited will
instruct an independent third party debt recovery team to assist.

9.6 Global Market Sales Limited do not offer a cooling off period. More information regarding business to business contracts can be
found on the Global Market Sales Limited website.

9.7 Any form of verbal or threatening abuse will not be tolerated and will result in the call being terminated. Calls of a
threatening nature may be reported to the police.

9.8 Any complaints by you against Global Market Sales Limited are requested in writing via email or post.

9.9 Any indulgences granted to you by Global Market Sales Limited at any time will not operate as a waiver of its rights under these
terms either in respect of a particular breach or in respect of any future breaches of the same or a similar nature.

9.10 Any contract between you and Global Market Sales Limited is only intended to benefit you unless Global Market Sales Limited expressly acknowledges the rights of a particular third party in writing.

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